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 What's New


How can you help? 

How can You Help
Making a little difference in a child's LIFE.


Whom to get in touch for getting answers to your questions.


List of Volunteers and people who take a little bit of their time to help under-priveledged.


What's New
Current activities or projects with calendar having their schedules.

Contact Us? 

Contact Us?

What's New
The latest news regarding the activities and projects will be introduced in this page.You can also look up the Calendar for current month's events.

In the News

Tax Exemption
We have contacted the Exempt Organization Division of the US IRS service and planning to register the organization so that all the donations can be made tax deductible. A freindship group will be started in the US which will oversee that the donated money is being put to good use.


A new page will be added soon to this site which will give the history of the organization since 1952.

Upliftment for women
In addition to the cattle loan program for the upliftment of women, a new unit will be started soon for giving training for the widows and economically backward women in sewing, typing etc to help them to survive in this world alone.

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