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 Frequently Asked Questions


How can you help? 

How can You Help
Making a little difference in a child's LIFE.


Whom to get in touch for getting answers to your questions.


List of Volunteers and people who take a little bit of their time to help under-priveledged.


What's New
Current activities or projects with calendar having their schedules.

Contact Us? 

Contact Us?

Frequently asked questions

We have tried to answer possible questions that you might have. If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact us.


How much time should you allocate?
Answer: There is no any fixed amount of time that you should voluteer. You can volunteer some of your spare time and get benefitted from the satisfaction when you help these children.

What should I do as a Volunteer?
Answer: The type of volunteer work depende on your geographic location. Once you have registered as an volunteer, you will be contacted by any one of our volunteers and will be briefed.

Tax Deductible

Can you covenant your donation?
Answer: No, you can claim tax deduction for the donation you have made to us. We are in the process of registering as a local Charitiable Organization. Once this is complete, you can claim tax deductions for the donations you make.


What are the benefits of the Sponsoring a child?
Answer: The benefits of our sponsorship scheme are two fold. Whilst all our sponsors help support the work of the Orphanage, providing the children with a loving environment and an education, they in turn also have the added pleasure in building a personal relationship with their sponsored child(ren), if they so wish. This relationship is one of the most satisfying aspects of our scheme "Helping to sponsor a child". It means a great deal to these children to know that they are special to people miles away.

How long is the sponsorship period?
Answer: There is no minimum period set for sponsors. Each year all sponsors are given the choice of whether they wish to renew their sponsorship.
We do hope however, that our sponsors' support will be long term, as this helps the Orphanage to plan their finances more effectively and implement projects which will be of direct benefit to all the children at the Orphanage.

What happens if you cannot continue your sponsorship?
Answer: We appreciate the special effort that our sponsors are making in the present economic climate and understand when, through financial reasons or other changes in circumstances, they are forced to withdraw from their sponsorship. In such situations, support is maintained by us until new sponsors can be found.

How can you donate or pay your sponsorship fee?
Answer: Regular monthly or annual payments can be made either by sending a cheque , cashier's check or money order along with this form.

Can you write to your sponsored child(ren)?
Answer: Yes, we do encourage our sponsors to build a relationship with their sponsored child(ren).

Will your sponsored child(ren) have the opportunity to communicate with you?
Answer: Yes. Volunteers assist all the children with drawings and letters, just like any parent would help their child. The older children will write their own letters. All the letters will ne translated and sent to you.


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